Insurance & Assistance

ZigZag Camper will provide you the most efficient road assistance contract in the market during your entire journey. Star Mobile Services will bring you a 24/7 information online service through motorhomes specialists. This road assistance is included in our rental price to provide you further tranquility on the road. In case of break down, we will provide you a vehicle substitution to keep on travelling forward.

A fully comprehensive insurance will be provided during the rental. You will be responsible for costs up to 18,000 dirham (around 1,600€ deductable) for any damages. This amount is frozen on your credit card and processed in the event of any incident.

Please refer to our general sales conditions before booking any motorhome.

Additional information

  • Minimum age to rent a motorhome is 25 years old.

  • A minimum of 3 years driving license will be required

  • ZigZag Camper will not charge any extra for additional drivers.