How are the road infrastructures in Morocco?

The Moroccan road network has improved significantly these past few years with several highways built between the major cities. The secondary roads are also improving year after year and allow easily any vehicles to ride without further complication. The constant increase of tourists made the authorities realized the importance of the roads maintenance, which makes the majority of the road network in great conditions today.

Is driving in Morocco dangerous ?

There are 2 ways to understand this question. If you are referring to get attacked or get stolen, the risk is no higher than any other European country. The Moroccan authorities voted strict rules and laws to insure tourists’ safety. If we refer to the way the Moroccans drive, there are few things to know before hitting the road: Avoid driving by night (animals crossing the road, vehicles without lights…), Moroccan drivers usually do not know much about the driving code, so don’t expect them to use their turning lights or respect the give ways (yields), drive slowly in villages and be careful near the schools as all the kids walk home along the roads.

How are the camping sites infrastructures in Morocco?

Left for a long time without regulations, most of the camping sites were way far from being as our European standards. However, since 2009, opening a camping site is going through a procedure with strict norms. Even if many camping sites still leave a lot to be desired, others owned and managed by Europeans offer great infrastructures and comfort. The “Gandini guide”, displays and rates all camping sites in Morocco.

Can I sleep outside the camping sites?

Apart from the Atlantic coast (mainly around Agadir) where the police is strict with the motorhomes sleep over, the rest of the country is flexible. However, Morocco is not as prepared as other countries to welcome motorhomes outside camping ground. Don’t expect to find in the parking lots a way to fill out your water tank or remove your wastes. We encourage you to respect the environment leaving the spot you stayed at in the same conditions as you found it, taking all your garbage with you at all time. Be aware that a camping site will cost you most of the time under 10€. It is then worth it to pay an extra cost and gets the necessary installations to connect your motorhome.

Should I book the camping sites in advance?

We recommend booking the camping sites 2 weeks in advance especially during the holidays season. It is not necessary during the rest of the year.

What are the conditions of the motorhomes ?

All our motorhomes are from 2014, cleaned and checked after each rental to bring you the maximum comfort and safety.

Are the vehicles with manual or automatic gears?

All our vehicles are with manual gears.

Quels sont les équipements inclus dans le camping car ?

All our motorhomes are delivered with sheets, towels, pillows, duvets, cooking appliances, dishes, and sanitary detergents for 2 weeks, radio CD, wheels blocks, water tube, electrical extensions, 4 chairs and 1 table and road map.

Is there a cost for additional driver(s) ?

ZigZag Camper do not charge for additional drivers.

How old should I be to rent a motorhome?

Although 18 years is the minimum age to drive a motorhome, ZigZag Camper only rents the vehicles to drivers over 25 years old.

What driving license should I have?

Only the car driving license is necessary to drive a motorhome.

What is the medium oil consumption?

Our motorhomes consuma round 12 liters/100kms

How many kilometers can I drive with a full tank?

The tank is 90 liters for the motorhome, 70 liters for the camper van. You can then drive 750kms with a motorhome and 600 kms with a camper van.

What is the cost of the gasoline (oil) in Morocco?

It is around 9dh/litre or 0.82€/ liter.

What additional expenses should we take into consideration outside the motorhome rental?

Mainly the tolls (although they can be avoided using secondary roads), gasoline, food, drinks, visits to monuments and additional activities…

Can we pick up or drop off the motorhome at a different airport than Marrakech?

This option is provided by ZigZag Camper for an additional cost of 95€ for the following airports : Agadir, Essaouira, Casablanca or Rabat. For any other airport, please contact us.

Should we follow your itineraries?

Our itineraries have been designed by a Moroccan official guide to help you with your journey. You are perfectly free of choosing your own path during your trip and modify your itinerary based on your desires.

Can I pay in Euros in Morocco?

The Moroccan currency is the dirham. 1Euros = 11 dh. Even if some sites offers you the option to pay in Euros (with a change that is not in your favor), you will need dirhams during your trip to pay for food, local products and tolls. Dirhams also allow you to negotiate better the prices. Be aware that some camping site ONLY allows Euros and cash payment.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 8h-20h. However, we would pick you up at the airport anytime if requested.

Can I pick up the motorhome in one town and drop it off in another?

It can perfectly be done. An additional cost of 95€ will be charged for dropping off or picking up the vehicle in any of the following towns: Essaouira, Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat and Ouarzazate.

What side do we drive in Morocco?

In Morocco, we drive on the right side.

Can I cross the Moroccan boarder with the motorhome?

Our rentals are ONLY for the Moroccan territory. On request we can rent the vehicles for longer trips in Europe (under conditions).

Are there any dangerous areas in Morocco?

There are no dangerous territories in Morocco. However, we will advise you unpaved or damaged roads that can damage the vehicles.

What happens in case of accident?

All our vehicles are insured covering the vehicle and your family. We also have a road assistance available 24/7 that will provide you a vehicle replacement if a quick repair cannot be performed. Check the following “performance contract” from www.starmobileservices.com