Quality Guideline

At ZigZag Camper, our first priority is to respect our commitments towards our clients and provide them the best service before, during and after their journey. Our commitments are as follow :

Prior to your journey

  • Contact us anytime:

We are available anytime to answer your questions or doubts about your trip or desired itineraries.

    • Online, 24/7, you will be able to check the availability of our vehicles as well as the itineraries offered. We will also answer all questions you may have on our link FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) or using our online chat.
    • Over the phone 7/7 from 8AM to 8PM, a travel advisor for all your inquiries.
  • Itineraries built by experts.
    • We organize our itinearies through an Moroccan offical guide, practicing his passion for several years with european tourists. This tour guide is also one of the key actors for gathering the information and advising travellers in the well known Gandini Guide « Campings au Maroc » (Camp sites in Morocco). Therefore, he knows very well the expectations and requirements of the tourist coming from abroad.
  • All our attention for your expectations.
    • Success of your vacation is our priority. We will help you to choose the right motorhome suitable for your needs and will advise you the right itinerary. ZigZag Camper can also assist you with all arrangements prior to your departure.
  • Safe and « ready to go » vehicles :
    • Our team includes a mechanic to guarantee you a clean and checked motorhome. We would also explain you as long as necessary how the features on the vehicle will work for you to spend a great journey.
  • Simple and « no surprises » fares
    • We provide clear and easy to understand prices. Our fares include all necessary material for your journey without additional cost. Only the GPS, Moroccan cell phone and Moroccan guide is optional.

During your journey

  • Safe destinations.
    • A safe journey respecting the people and the Moroccan culture.
  • Service oriented.
    • A road assistance phone ligne is available 24/7 on the entire Moroccan territory with motorhome replacement in case of accidents and vehicle break down.

After your journey

  • A commitment that goes beyong your trip.
    • ZigZag Camper team will make you fill out after your rental (with your authorization obviously) our customer satisfaction survey to constantly monitor our services and to make sure to provide high quality standards. Each observation will be handled carefully by our team.


ZigZag Camper : A responsible company.

We commit ourselves in sustainable tourism, with full respect for the environment and solidarity with the Moroccan population.